Beach Wedding Dress

The Story

Having both been married before and done the big white wedding thing, we decided that we would sneak off to Barbados and get married while on holiday without telling anyone in advance.

I wanted something that was casual, comfortable, suitable for the beach that still looked special without all the flounce and fuss of a traditional dress.

I researched loads of ideas and in the end, designed something that took elements that I loved and knew suited me.

The base is made from scuba fabric which is normally associated with sports wear. It wicks moisture (essential for hot climates!) and holds it’s shape and skims over my lumpy bits.

I overlaid it with lace and had the hem in a handkerchief and cold shoulder style.

The wedding itself was truly magical and relaxed, watched and applauded by fellow hotel guests who sat watching us get married from their sunbeds.

We were like mini-celebrities for the rest of the holiday as people kept coming up to us to congratulate us and remark ‘is it true you made your own wedding dress?’

Studio photos by Cat Humphries

Beach photos by Willie Alleyne Associates Photography Ltd

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