Why Work With Vee

Why Work With Vee

Looking & feeling amazing shouldn’t be hard

As an inspirational leader, you’re often found in front of a camera, or on stage, and your image is a hugely important part of who you are.

But that can come with a bucketload of stress! Knowing what looks good and finding outfits that fit you and your brand can be utterly frustrating and completely overwhelming.

I get it. 

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. 

Having your clothes designed and made for you will change how you look and feel all day, every day. There’ll be no more stress around what to wear as you fall madly in love with your wardrobe again.

From Barbies to Brides

As a child I was always making things for my dolls, but then making stuff was the norm in my family.

As a teen, when I didn’t have the money to buy the clothes I wanted, I started using my mum’s sewing machine to make my own – out of dyed sheets!

My parents competed in ballroom dance competitions all over England every weekend and, as my sewing skills improved, Mum asked if I would make a ballroom dance dress for her.

I jumped at the chance, studied her other dresses and replicated the structure, painstakingly adorning it with thousands of beautiful diamanté (think Strictly Come Dancing!).

She loved it and, as I continued to make many more for her, I was soon getting commissions to create similar dresses for other dancers.

When a friend let me make her wedding dress, I added bridal gowns to my repertoire too.

A passion reignited

Sadly though, I was discouraged from pursuing a career in fashion and it wasn’t until 2018 that my passion was truly reignited.

My local theatre group needed a costume designer for a production of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and I excitedly volunteered. After 6 manic months of sourcing, repurposing, designing, sewing and altering, with some help from the wardrobe team, we had created 120 costumes for a cast of 52 and I was awarded the Margaret Tabor cup for Outstanding Contribution.

It was a crazy time, but I loved it and, when we were finished, I knew my sewing machine was staying out for good. This time, nothing was going to stop me from following my dream.

Are you ready for your dream outfit to be made?